new self-replicating digital financial ecosystem

* You need a profession, you need to learn, develop new knowledge, skills, opportunities. Need money to pay for your education?

* You create a family, would like more children, but the income does not allow?  

* You do not have your own home, even though you have been working for many years?

* Do you need treatment, surgery, recovery, and that's the only job you can lose?

However, instead of helping to answer questions, each of which is accompanied by your personal losses and tragedies, the existing credit-monetary system for some reason will not allow you to improve your life. Regardless of you, your life will be forever locked in a financial prison without any logic and mercy.

Therefore, the majority of the population, companies, governments do not have the strength to get out of the constant financial, debt, social, legal, environmental crisis. For example:

* The IMF, the World Bank and governments invest billions of dollars each year in programmes to reduce poverty and unemployment, provide housing, food, health and education, but the global financial system is unable to address the chronic problems and stop the crisis-2008;

* Multinational companies Google, Amazon, VISA, Huawei, Alibaba were able to direct the largest investments in the creation of their local digital financial ecosystems, but the world economy is sinking deeper into the Great Depression.

The current financial system is leading clients into a huge debt pit, as many citizens and governments have already experienced perpetual credit slavery and are no longer able to solve their chronic problems on their own.

The main reason for the weakness and instability of the world and any national economy is that it does not notice man, society and nature - its main sources of life and well-being. Human, social and natural capitals is never included in the assets and liabilities of business balances and government budgets, so the economy is not able to effectively analyze, apply and multiply these important fundamental values. Indeed, the well-being of all target customers depends:

1. From HUMAN CAPITAL - from physical, intellectual and spiritual state, personal abilities, opportunities and human activity;

2. From SOCIAL CAPITAL - from assets that family, friends, society, business, state, world offer and give to a person;

3. From NATURAL CAPITAL - from the state of the environment and natural resources for ensuring human life and activity.

The World Bank estimated in 2010 the world human capital at $365.0 trillion, but these estimates and huge value remain only reference data for the economy without mechanisms for their implementation and growth.

Although the value of these assets determines the development of each person, each company and country, requires full attention and large targeted investments, but the current financial system does not take into account these large capitals, and therefore does not provide all people with these necessary resources for life, is not aimed at increasing the real income, capital, health and well-being of each person, each enterprise and society, to protect, optimal and careful use of the environment in all countries.

The Fund are introducing a new anti-crisis self-replicating digital financial ecosystem based on the digitalization of human, social, natural capitals, their accounting, use and large-scale turnover aimed at their growth for each person, enterprise, states. Our alternative anti-crisis self-replicating digital financial ecosystem seeks to:

* Increase in assets and capitals of the population, enterprises, banks, public institutions, overcoming the financial crisis,

* Addressing chronic problems of poverty, housing, health, education, citizens' rights,

* Elimination of "bad" debts, strengthening the monetary system,

* Improvement of the environment,

- and with these goals in the next 3-4 years gradually forms to all customers new, more reliable financial and investment assets worth more than $300,0 trillion with conversion for partners 2.5-3.0%.

Our business models: B2C, B2B, B2G.

Ways of monetization of digital FINTECH project:

* Sale of non-cash digital assets to target customers;

* Subsidizing the repayment of critical private debt with the transfer of claims and equity to the business;

* Long-term, medium-term and short-term lending to target customers, programs for the development of the real economy with the agricultural sector and service, social sphere and health care, environmental management and innovation with a large negative rate;

* The ecosystem provides partners and target customers with the most reliable digital assets - tokens, the market value of which are determined by human, social, natural capitals and therefore grow with the large-scale expansion of the project;

* Large-scale export of licensed anti-crisis digital technologies and systems (know-how).

We invite partners for joint implementation of a new digital financial ecosystem that allows you to achieve all 17 goals of the United Nations in the field of sustainable development:

Immediate objectives of the partnership:

1. Audit, evaluation, legal support, coordination of project;

2. Registration and organization of the management company team;

3. The development of SOFTWARE tools, technologies, platforms, ecosystem, token issuance and registration;

4. Registration of patents, IP, license agreements in states-partners;

5. Marketing and advertising in states-partners;

6. Expansion of the client network, data centers in states-partners;

7. Organization of public-private partnership in states-partners.


Presentation of anti-crisis digital FINTECH ecosystem (stage 1 - tokenization, accounting, use and growth of human capital)

social distributed token

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