The world economy will fall very much in 2020, and this decline will continue. The capitalist system has lost its goals and means:
1. MONETARY CAPITALS of households, companies, governments IS NOT GROWING, but their loans and bad debts are constantly increasing. Money has ceased to be a reliable tools for planning, creating, preserving, managing and growing capitals, has lost all its 5 functions, creates too huge and unsolvable problems for all participants in the economy;
2. INDUSTRIAL CAPITALS has become too risky assets even compared to financial pyramids and stock bubbles due to longer turnover periods, rapid changes in modern technologies and consumer preferences;
3. GOODS CAPITALS is losing profitability due to increased competition and instability in the markets , increased international sanctions, trade - currency wars, the energy crisis, overall decline in consumer demand;
4. COVID-19 INFECTS IN 2020 UP TO 20% OF CITIZENS. ONLY 17% OF THE POPULATION IS IMMUNE. Within 3-5 years, up to 50% of citizens will fall ill, lose their jobs, income and housing, become disabled and outcasts.

The world economy and all national governments do not have universal vaccines, medicines for all new COVID-19 mutations, and sufficient capitals to save the lives of billions of sick and disabled people. In such an emergency, the us Federal reserve, the ECB and the Bank of China should switch to digital world currencies in 2020-2021.
Our socially oriented Pro-ecosystem with programmable tokens will allow each national economy to keep up with the main global competitors, attract investors with the most secured FINTECH assets, reliable social tools, relevant environmental projects. The anti-crisis ecosystem is not a financial pyramid or an exchange bubble, because it generates its own digital capitals, assets, revenues and transfers them to citizens-users FOR FREE.
Non-cash utility tokens of the digital ecosystem are not a cryptocurrency, serve to confirm and implement the rights of users only within the ecosystem and on the territory of your country, do not undermine the US financial system, and are not subject to registration with the SEC.
The Fund-initiator has formed the project's intangible assets (Goodwill), will submit them for audit and evaluation for transfer and reflection on the balance sheet of the Management company, and will also fulfill its social and environmental mission on the scale of the anti-crisis project. The social platform of the anti-crisis ecosystem uses secured programmable tokens to increase the basic capitals of each citizen-user in 2020-2023 over 1.0 million USD to solve their personal and public problems.
We are jointly creating and developing a new social ecosystem of relationships with common values for the population, business and the state. The social unity of all participants in each national economy is the main and most popular factor for its development.


Presentation of anti-crisis digital ecosystem with programmable capitals to combat recession and pandemic COVID-19

social distributed token

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