new self-replicating digital financial ecosystem

Fund-initiator invites partners to jointly implement an alternative anti-crisis self-replicating digital financial ecosystem based on the digitalization of human, social and natural capitals, their accounting, use and scale turnover aimed at their growth for each person, enterprise and state.
The new ecosystem is aimed at:
* Increase of digital assets and capitals of population, enterprises, banks, state institutions, overcoming of financial crisis,
* Solving chronic social problems of poverty, housing, health, education, citizens' rights,
* Elimination of "bad" debts, strengthening of the credit-monetary system,
* Improvement of the environment,
- with these goals, in the next 3-4 years, new, more reliable financial and investment assets worth more than $1,000.0 trillion will be gradually formed for all customers, with a conversion for partners to 10%-12%.

Our business models: B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2G.
Ways to monetize a digital Fintech project:
1. Sale of non-cash digital assets to target customers;
2. Subsidizing for citizen in need (repayment of private debts, solve social, financial, environmental problems);
3. Lending to target customers, programs for the development of the real sector of the economy with the participation of the agricultural sector and services, social and health care, environmental management and innovation;
4. The ecosystem provides partners and target customers with the most reliable digital assets - social tokens, whose market value is determined by human, social, natural capitals and therefore grows with the large-scale expansion of the project;
5. Export of licensed anti-crisis digital technologies and systems (know-how).

We already made:
* Analysis of previous financial systems;
* Marketing current customer concerns;
* Determination of anti-crisis strategies and digital assets with programmable functions;
* Justification of support of basic tokens - human, social, natural capitals;
* Ecosystem of financial technologies of investment and financial calculation 2020-2023;
* The primary prototype of social tokens for the ecosystem in Ethereum ERC20;
* Project of dynamic identification for customers in social, investment, environmental networks of new ecosystem.

Immediate targets:
1. Audit, evaluation, legal support, project coordination;
2. Management company registration and team organization;
3. Software development, technologies, ecosystem platform, token issuance and implementation;
4. Registration of patents, IP, license agreements in partner states;
5. Marketing and advertising in partner states;
6. Expansion of client network, data centers in partner states;
7. Organization of public-private partnership in partner states.

The new Fintech & Insurtech & Healthtech & Proptech & Cleantech & Govtech ecosystem brings economy into ERA OF PROGRAMMABLE ASSETS WITH INSURANCE FUNCTION, which is based on individual approach to each person, business, state institution, to choice of income and expenses, goods and services, in accordance with personal goals and the development of common programs. Insurance E-Tickets (useful tokens) are not spent on anything else.
The key advantages of our E-Tickets are their high security, ensure, reliability, public trust, no transaction costs. Project can become basis for creation of new type of global social networks.
The ecosystem is not a stock bubble or currency pyramid, because it provides the population with digital capital and assets for free.
We invite partners to jointly implement new digital financial ecosystem that will achieve all 17 United Nations sustainable development goals.


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Presentation of new anti-crisis digital Fintech & Insurtech & Healthtech & Cleantech & Govtech ecosystem


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